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The "For Sale" Sign
Typically when you put your house up for sale, your agent will place a "for sale" sign in the front yard. The sign will identify the agentís company, the agent, and should have a contact phone number so prospective buyers can call and get more information about the property. For Sale signs are great at generating phone calls and you as a seller should know what happens when someone calls the number on the sign. Does a live person answer the phone or does the call go to a voicemail? You will want someone to answer the phone while the caller is "hot." When buyers call the number on the sign, the call should go to a live person who can answer questions immediately. A potential buyer may be outside your home or just down the street and placing that call using his or her cell phone.

*NOTE - Be sure to take a look at the sign and see if it seems more oriented in generating calls from buyers or if it seems more oriented toward advertising your agentís services to your neighbors.
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