Home Selling Information - Tips and Suggestions
Helpful Tips
General Maintenance
Repair leaking faucets and toilets
Clean the furnace and all filters (if applicable)
Tighten up the door knobs and latches
Touch up paint where needed
Clean the windows and repair any broken ones
Repair seals around tubs and sink basins
Replace any defective light bulbs
Apply oil to any squeaking hinges on the doors
General Cleaning
Clean and freshen all bathrooms
Clean the refrigerator and stove (inside and outside)
Clean around heating and A/C vents
Clean clothes washer and dryer
Clean carpets, drapes and window blinds
At The Entrance
Keep porch and foyer areas clean
Make sure the door bell works
Apply fresh paint or varnish on the front door
Repair any door locks that may need it
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