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What a Buyers Agent Is

A Little History

In 1983, a Federal Trade Commission study revealed that over 70% of all home buyers nationwide mistakenly believed they were being represented by the agent who was showing them homes. As a result, laws requiring agents to disclose exactly who they represent have been passed all over the country. When consumers became aware that most agents worked for the seller, they began demanding their own representation thus the birth of The Buyers Agent!

A Buyer's Agent acts solely on behalf of the Buyer - not the Seller. Their specialized knowledge and expertise is in assisting home buyers. Listing agents have homes to sell. A Buyer's Agent does not try to "sell" you a particular home, because we don't sell homes, we serve home buyers! A buyer who relies on the seller's agent does not receive the same degree of legal protection as that afforded by an agent acting solely on the behalf of the buyer.

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