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Your Living Space
Living Space - The More the Better!

"Apartment Complexes" and "Rental Communities" are commonly more interested in creating the maximum number of income-producing units they can squeeze in than they are concerned in creating comfortable space for their tenants and their tenants personal possessions (bicycles, vehicles, winter clothes, storage boxes, etc..) Lets face it, business is business and every square foot they can profit on - they will use!

"Condominiums" are great for security and generally offer more amenities (swimming pool, recreation room, exercise rooms...) but you can be sure there will be an additional "Maintenance" or "Association Fees" as well as limits placed on your lifestyle. Let us not forget the inconvenience of  unloading groceries. Want to order out for a pizza? Good Luck!

Once you purchase your own home you will find that you have more space to breathe in, more space to store your stuff in, no one telling you how loud to keep the TV or radio, where you can and can't park, and you most probably will not have to share a laundry room with everyone else. (sounds like paradise right?)

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